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Various different projects I done

Custom Gallery, Cat Play pyramid
Cat Play / Exploration pyramid

Welcome to the Custom Gallery

You’ll see a number of different projects I’ve embarked on here in the custom gallery, If you have special Design project you would like made, I maybe able to help,

I also do all sorts of other custom projects, and model making work, as your’ll see in the gallery please take your time and enjoy looking at some of my work.

check out the Custom Gallery and also my facebook page. And while your there click the like button please 🙂

Handmade Bespoke Luxury Dog House

Luxury Dog Beach House

Custom made, Fully insulated, Removable Mesh Panels, 6ft x 3ft

The Beehive Cat House

Bespoke Beehive design cat house, great project and looks awesome.

Approx size 3ft x 3ft

Price £500 + Delivery

The Bee Hive cat house
Custom caravan cathouse

Custom Caravan Style cat house

unique caravan style cat house, 1 off hand made, approx cost £400

approx size 50cm x 75cm

Various Other Custom Projects

740431_456250111104912_751542721_o  20140329_133645_640x480Indoor breeding cabinet 12003268_1010877385613782_5079236679034707757_n  GARDEN CENTRE TROLLEY      BACK DOOR CAT GATE  RUSTIC BARN  RUSTIC SWISS CATHOUSE  THE GRAND TABLE  LARGE LODGE CATHOUSE  LARGE 2-TIER LODGE