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Outdoor cat litter houses / Cabinets

The Luxury Beach Style cat litter houses

Welcome to the cat Litter houses page, You’ll see I have a range of indoor & outdoor cat litter houses also can other or custom cat litter solutions. They look good and help keep your garden free from cat business.

"A Outdoor Beach style cat litter house"

Beach Style outdoor cat litter houses

Outdoor Beach style cat litter House
  • 45cm x 55cm
  • removable roof
  • slide out litter tray





Outdoor Lodge Style cat Litter houses

"Outdoor Lodge style cat litter house"
Outdoor Lodge style cat litter lodge
  • 48cm x 60cm
  • removable roof
  • slideout litter tray





Outdoor Shed style cat litter houses

 A shed style cat litter house
Outdoor shed style cat litter house
  • 60cm x 60cm
  • hinged roof
  • slide out litter tray





£159.99  without a catflap £169.99 with standard staywell catflap (not the microchip flap in the photo). Other catflaps are possible.

Luxury custom cat house and cat litter houses

"A luxury custom beach style cat house

Prices around £450 dependng on the size and design, contact for details

 Indoor cat litter houses / cabinets

indoor cat litter cabinet

Basic Indoor litter house

made in plywood , fully painted, slide out litter tray, removable top





Luxury indoor cat litter cabinet

Indoor Cat litter cabinet with storage

Approx size 45cm x 47cm,

Catflap Option