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Luxury pet homes

Custom guinea pig house
Large Custom Pet cabin

Here at Luxury pet homes we offer a completely bespoke design service. The bulk of the homes in our catalogue have been crafted to suit the exacting demands of our clients, and with a diverse palette of colours and some of the cutest designs there are, little doubt that we have something for you.

Whether you keep a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals in your home, or if you simply want to make sure that the canine or feline members of your family are kept healthy and warm and happy no matter the weather, then the products of Luxury pet homes is surely just for you.

With over twenty years’ experience as a craftsman of superlative calibre, and 13 years exclusively manufacturing luxury pet homes, we are proud to offer a selection of products which will slot effortlessly into any environment. Indeed the intricate design and sublime craftsmanship is evident in every single one of the luxury pet homes in our catalogue.

If I dont have a cathouse to suit I maybe able to build a bespoke house for you.

Please feel free to browse our website, and decide just which home is ideal for your precious pet.